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In Functional Medicine we do not mask symptoms we address the root cause. In its Chronic Diseases Report WHO predicts that by 2030, chronic diseases will cause three of four deaths in India. By 2030, more people, before the age of 60, will die of coronary heart disease in India than in Russia, USA and China combined!

Chronic disease cannot be managed successfully until the root cause of the disease is identified and repaired. Attempting to mitigate the symptoms through drugs or surgery can only be a temporary therapy. Instead, the fundamental imbalances in the body’s physiological processes such as nutritional deficiencies, Toxins, Hormone imbalances, Inflammation, that cause the disease should be recognized. It is at this point in time Functional Medicine becomes most 
essential as it plays the key role in proactively predicting, preventing and treating most chronic diseases.

More is known now than ever, on biochemical mechanisms and environmental factors that influences an individual’s disposition to chronic diseases. It is also evident that lifestyle interventions and dietary changes can not only reverse the symptoms but also can proactively prevent illness. This is one of the approaches of Functional & Integrative medicine.

Functional Medicine practitioners identify factors responsible for any complication unique to the patient’s individual health condition through advanced laboratory testing. This information is used to formulate customized treatments to restore balance and effect a cure by alleviating symptoms, preventing the progress of, or improving the management of chronic medical conditions.

Why do we need supplements ?

1. Common Medicines consumed for routine Ailments cause depletion of various Essential & Non Essential Vitamins & Minerals.
2. Each bout of Flu / Diarrhea / Any other common illness depletes all Vitamins & Minerals substantially.
3. There are certain Supplements proven to be highly effective in controlling the symptoms and  preventing the Progress of Lifestyle Metabolic Disorders such as CAD, Diabetes,
Endocrinal Imbalances etc..
4. Almost all good Dietary Regimes lead to deficiencies of Vitamins and Minerals because:

  • Fruits and vegetables grown are full of pesticides and are grown on the soil which is deficient in most of the minerals and vitamins needed by our body.
  •  An Average on the run Fast-food ingesting person today in no way consumes a diet providing adequate amount of all the necessary Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Fruits and Vegetables we consume these days are (Artificially) stored for more than a month before consumption and lose all necessary Vitamins and Minerals needed by our body.

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When it comes to special dieting, we offer specific plans

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