Title : Zee Business unhealthy food and chronic diseases – Freedom Age

Description : How unhealthy food affects you adversely, what can it cause and how to prevent chronic Diseases. To know more let’s dive in to live chat Dr Kalpana Shekhawat had with Zee Business

Title : Functional and Regenerative Medicine Specialist Doctor by Freedom Age

Description : After more than 12 years of practicing Conventional Allopathic medicine, I can most definitely say last 7 years of Functional Medicine Practice has been the most rewarding part of my career.

Title : 4R healing Programme by FreedomAge

Description : How to treat autoimmunity 4R healing Programme by FreedomAge


Description : Male hormone imbalance and it’s effect on mental and physical health by FreedomAge

Title : Gut Health in India – Freedom Age

Description : Keep your Gut healthy, It is responsible for multiple chronic lifestyle diseases! by Freedom Age

Title : Functional Medicine – A Fresh approach to healthy life!

Decription : A fresh approach to healthy life!
In Functional Medicine we do not mask symptoms we address the root cause.

Title : Your Health in Your Hands

Description : Freedom age’ s initiative to help you live healthier happier.
Functional Medicine practitioners identify factors responsible for any complication unique to the patient’s individual health condition through advanced laboratory testing. This information is used to formulate customized treatments to restore balance and effect a cure by alleviating symptoms, preventing the progress of, or improving the management of chronic medical conditions.

Title : Frequent use of antacids is detrimental to your gut health

Description : As we all know that popping antacids has become far too common to address almost all gastrointestinal issues as it gives temporary respite from symptoms. Freedom Age takes a dig into the harmful effects and vicious cycle set in by indiscriminate use of antacids.

Title : How to tell if you have a thyroid problem

Description : Thyroid is a master gland of our body. It’s very important to the optimum health and well being of our entire body. Let’s look at what can cause this disorder and how looking at the underlying cause can treat it from its root.


Description : freedom age is one of India’s premiere functional medicine clinic that deals with cancer, autoimmune disorders, cardio-metabolic diseases, hormonal imbalances etc. Watch the video to know what we exactly do!

Title : Reclaim your mental health ! by Freedom Age

Decription : Reclaim your mental health by addressing the root cause!

Title : Bipolar mood disorder and it’s genetic connection – Freedom Age
Description : How your mood disorders could be associated with your body’s genetic inability to convert folic acid and other B vitamins to their active functional form.

Title : What is PRP

Description : Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a substance that’s thought to promote healing when injected. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special “factors,” or proteins, that help your blood to clot. It also contains proteins that support cell growth. Researchers have produced PRP by isolating plasma from blood and concentrating it.

The idea is that injecting PRP into damaged tissues will stimulate your body to grow new, healthy cells and promote healing. Because the tissue growth factors are more concentrated in the prepared growth injections, researchers think the body’s tissues may heal faster.

Title : Probiotic Retention Enema is better than an oral probiotic

Decription : 6 reasons Probiotic Retention Enema is better than an oral probiotic. In our Functional Medicine clinic, these patients are successfully treated with our Gut healing protocol popularly known as the 4R program

Title : Aluminium Toxicity

Description : What smoke is to lungs, Aluminum is to brain!
Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, there are mounting evidences, that chronic exposure is a factor in many neurological diseases, which include, dementia, autism, and Parkinson’s disease.
Apart from this it is also associated with various mood disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, depression and so on.
Unfortunately, Aluminum is all around us and we must make a conscious effort to avoid ingesting this metal.

Title : Prevent Cancer Naturally

Decription : Prevent cancer naturally, cancer once diagnosed can be difficult to treat, however it is certainly possible to prevent this disease , to know more click the link.


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