Young girl age 21, height 5’7”, a student staying away from home in United States pursuing graduation.

She approached us with complaints of excessive gas, bloating, frequent motions, and inability to digest food well, weight loss from 55 to 44kgs, she was fearful of eating, developed severe depression and anxiety which led to lack of concentration, focus, low energy and had to return home due to non performance, she also complained of not getting her periods for 6-8 months.
These symptoms were crippling her daily life.

She was advised investigations to identify the root cause of her issues, her intense investigation plan included LYME, CANDIDA, EBV, comprehensive stool test, food intolerance test, metal toxicity test and trace minerals testing etc.
Her heavy metal testing showed toxicity of aluminium, cadmium, lead, barium and more (pic1), magnesium , phosphorus, iron, iodine were extremely low, mineral balance was poor, global heavy metal intoxication was at peak, and her metabolism was unsatisfactory.

Heavy metal testing

Picture 1: Heavy metal testing report before treatment

Comprehensive stool results(pic2) revealed she had dysbiotic flora specifically Enterobacter cloacae long standing infections like these can lead to various autoimmune conditions, her beneficial flora were low, also had multiple RBCs in stool. A finding of her low elastase (pic 3)which depicts exocrine pancreatic insufficiency was found. And from the basic investigations it was observed that her EBV was dominantly positive, her CANDIDA showed higher levels of both IgG and IgM antibodies.

Comprehensive Stool

Picture 2: Comprehensive Stool test report


Picture 3: Comprehensive Stool test report ( low elastase)

Food Intolerance IgG test results showed she was intolerant to multiple food products which are usually temporary and reverse after gut is healed.

Based on her test results her treatment was started with nutraceutical, diet corrections, gut healing therapies, specific dietary modifications, Iv detox therapies, hormonal balancing. Balancing of gut flora after treating the existing Candida & various bacterial infections was done.

Treatment went on for 6 months and investigations were repeated and results showed major shift in her markers, heavy metal testing showed steep decline(pic 4), her overall intoxication had come down, her essential mineral balance improved and maintained.

Heavy metal testing report after treatment

Picture 4: Heavy metal testing report after treatment

Patient reported improved appetite, gained healthy weight up to 8 kgs, bowel movements improved, and her intolerances towards various foods reduced she is now able to take wider variety of food. Above all she gained confidence in her own self, depression and anxiety was gone, her periods got more regular than before. She is focused and is able to concentrate on her studies.

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